Your body needs space to move

We’re not talking about space outside your body; we’re talking about space within your body. Muscle adhesions, otherwise known as muscle knots, are the root cause of mobility issues, repetitive use injury, and many chronic pain conditions.

Renew Movement is simple yet immensely effective. Your Renew Movement Coach pins muscle adhesions (knots) while coaching you through movement patterns. The pinning coupled with your movement releases the deep knots that are the source of your discomfort.
It’s that easy to get you moving, breathing and living in a better body.

A Twist of Mindfulness

At Renew Movement™ we are big believers in the mind/body connection. We understand that your system is a complex integration of everything that makes you uniquely you. Come in for a session and find out what your Coach has in store to help you achieve your goals.


Who is a candidate for Renew Movement™?

If you’re cleared for deep tissue work, you’re a candidate. Please call us any time if you have questions about contraindications.

What do I wear?

Comfortable clothing that is easy to move in (workout clothes).

Is a Renew Movement™ session intense?

Renew Movement™ is a deep fascia stretch that involves pinning of the tissue (think weight into a tight spot on your body) by the Coach during active movement by the client (think stretching and moving by the client). Our modality breaks up deep adhesions that are limiting movement and creating pain. Our sessions can be intense if you prefer a deeper tissue approach. However, you are 100% in control of the intensity of your session. Your Coach will be in constant communication with you to make sure the intensity falls within your comfort zone.

How often do I need Renew Movement™ sessions?

Your Coach will have a conversation with you about your current concerns, your goals and how we get you there. For most people experiencing repetitive use injury, chronic pain concerns or acute injury or recovery, we will likely recommend a package to get your tissue to recognize new “habits” and movement patterns that will get you feeling your best. After a chronic issue has been address we suggest a membership to keep your body feeling well with a session or two a month. 

Additional things that factor into reaching your goals:

1) How long you’ve had immobility or pain

2) How frequently you cause strain on your tissue (exercise)

3) How you take care of yourself after a session

How will I feel after a session?

After your first session you may feel a little sore. This is totally normal and expected as your tissue acclimates to your new range of motion. Many people also report a sensation of feeling lighter, more open, and having more space. People report feeling more comfortable in their bodies; a reminder of how their body is meant to move without limitations.

What modalities/techniques do you offer?

Our facility is dedicated to the Renew Movement™. We do not offer other modalities. 

What type of Renew Movement™ session is best for me?

Please click on the “book session” button to read about the different sessions we offer. If you have additional questions please feel free to call us and we’ll talk you through it!

Do you work with kids/teens?

Yes! We work with a lot of teenagers, especially athletic teens, suffering from over-use injuries. If your child is under the age of 12, please give us a call so we can discuss if Renew Movement™ is the best fit for your child.


Community Outreach

Renew Movement™ gives to Children’s Alley at the YWCA in Boulder

Children’s Alley is the YWCA Boulder County’s largest direct service, and the one that runs on the largest deficit. In 2018, they served over 500 unduplicated families, providing nearly 33,000 hours of service and over 6,000 child visits from January to December. Children’s Alley began in the early 1980’s as a way to offer over-extended parents a safe place to drop off their children for any reason: respite, medical care, legal appointments, or to seek a break from the stress of parenting.