We are a wellness center

We offer a unique bodywork modality that addresses
repetitive use injury, chronic pain, and immobility.

Renew Movement™ is a fast, effective, and progressive approach to alleviate pain, immobility, and tension.
We work quickly to resolve soft tissue discomfort so you can get back to doing the things you love.
Our method of pinning and stretching will give you 3x the results in half the time.

Give us 45 minutes and we’ll give you results.

Our sister company, Renew iv, offers iv infusions and injections which replenish essential nutrients quickly. Conveniently located in the same building as Renew Movement™, all infusions and injections are administered by state-licensed registered nurses and overseen by our Medical Director, Dr. Daniel La Perriere, a board certified MD.

For inquiries regarding Renew iv, please visit our website.

Local community support

Renew Movement™ gives to local causes such as Children’s Alley. We also volunteer, support area businesses, and offer professional development opportunities and mentoring. We care for you and for the community.