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An Athletic Advantage

March 17, 2022

“Renew Movement™️ is a vital part of my son Brayden’s health and training regimen. As with many youth athletes, he started multiple sports at a young age, quickly moving to top-level teams and competition. It seemed every weekend and weekday has been filled with competition or training across the sports of wrestling, football, and baseball. Starting at the age of 6 and competing in state and national events has required preparation, but more importantly, injury prevention.

Early on we were lucky to meet Kirsten at Renew Movement™️, and the one-of-a-kind muscle pinning and movement therapy has been instrumental in improving Brayden’s mobility, performance, and preventing injuries. He has achieved great success over the past 10 years, including multiple youth state and national wrestling titles, and has now taken his athletic success to high school placing at the Colorado High School State Wrestling finals wrestling for Holy Family High School. Without Renew Movement™️, many of his achievements may have not been possible.”


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