An Athletic Advantage

“Renew Movement™️ is a vital part of my son Brayden’s health and training regimen. As with many youth athletes, he started multiple sports at a young age, quickly moving to top-level teams and competition. It seemed every weekend and weekday has been filled with competition or training across the sports of wrestling, football, and baseball. Starting at the age of 6 and competing in state and national events has required preparation, but more importantly, injury prevention.

Early on we were lucky to meet Kirsten at Renew Movement™️, and the one-of-a-kind muscle pinning and movement therapy has been instrumental in improving Brayden’s mobility, performance, and preventing injuries. He has achieved great success over the past 10 years, including multiple youth state and national wrestling titles, and has now taken his athletic success to high school placing at the Colorado High School State Wrestling finals wrestling for Holy Family High School. Without Renew Movement™️, many of his achievements may have not been possible.”


Chronic Pain and Autoimmune Disease

“In a handful of sessions I was back to living a pain free life…”

“In 2016, I was diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune form of arthritis called ankylosing spondylitis (AS). It’s similar to rheumatoid arthritis, but is centered on the sacroiliac joint of my lower spine. At my worst, I was immobilized. I couldn’t get out of bed without extreme pain. My life changed overnight when the AS kicked in. My ability to ski, snowshoe, hike, garden, even walk the dog disappeared. I was in pain sitting, standing, and bending over. Not only was the physical pain awful, the emotional shock of suddenly losing mobility with no promise of getting it back was crushing.

Unlike many people with AS, I was diagnosed quickly, but as with many autoimmune diseases finding a treatment plan that worked for me took more than a year. What works for one person, doesn’t always work for another person who has the same diagnosis. The meds my doctor prescribed helped, but not completely. I still wasn’t able to do the things I enjoyed without paying for it later. I’d essentially lost my way of life and had become a couch potato—and not by choice.

I tried chiropractic care, massage, traditional physical therapy, diet, cryotherapy, sauna therapy, yoga, acupuncture, dry needling…you name it, I tried it. Finally my physical therapist recommended Renew. When I first met Kirsten, my Renew Coach, I still couldn’t do any of my favorite activities without being immobilized for days afterward. My back, particularly my lower back and hips were so tight and the pain so deep that none of the therapies listed above could make any lasting difference in my pain levels. I could immediately tell in the first session that she was hitting the right spots in the right way. The pain I was experiencing was reduced after session one. I was so tight at that point that it took about four sessions to undo more than a year’s worth of extreme muscle tension. But just like that, in a handful of sessions, I was back to living a pain-free life.

Today I see Kirsten once a month for maintenance care. She gave me back my life. I do everything that I love—hiking, gardening, walking the dog—and even a few new activities like paddle boarding. I consider Kirsten and Renew an essential part of my treatment plan and would highly recommend giving this treatment a chance, particularly if nothing else has worked. Renew’s unique method of physical therapy is a game changer.”

~ Julie

My Recovery Journey – Back Pain

“As a person that has struggled with pain for my entire adult life, Renew has been a key component in helping me in my recovery. I have a lot of problems in my back that causes pain to shoot into my feet, ankles, knees and hips. The consistent treatments I have received at Renew have kept this pain to a very manageable place. I have gone months without pain and when it has flared up the time it takes to mitigate has been dramatically reduced.

The coaches have been a huge help in my recovery journey. The Renew Movement Coaches have really taken the time to understand the source of my pain. As things change the regiment has changed with it to get the best results. I feel better than I have in years and I really owe a great debt of gratitude to Renew and their coaches. My goal is to keep my functional movement so that I’m able to stay active and in shape. I also want to be able to keep up with my kids and their active lifestyles. Renew has allowed this to happen and I am grateful for their support.”

-Dan L

Chronic Back Pain

“I struggled with chronic back pain, piriformis pain, and sciatica for years – even after back surgery. I had resigned myself to just living with it or perhaps getting more surgeries. Nothing was working – I was in pain and it was impacting my lifestyle, activities, and mood.

A friend recommended Renew and I met with Renew Movement for a session. We reviewed my history and started building a therapy plan based on her incredible knowledge of body mechanics and exercise physiology. Through the unique muscle pinning and movement specific to my areas of focus, I found relief for the first time in years! Some visits we vary the routine based on me overdoing a workout or sitting too long at work, but we have dialed in a series of therapies that put me back in business. And they give me the tools I need to work in between maintenance sessions to keep things looser. Renew changed my life for the better as I no longer live with chronic pain.”

-Joelle P

Recovering from a Cycling Accident

“Several years ago I injured my shoulder in a cycling accident and as a result, I lost a lot of mobility in one arm. I was also starting to experience more issues such as forearm and back pain that I thought I would just have to live with as a result of my accident. Although I knew that I would likely never regain full movement, I came to Renew wondering if maybe some bodywork around the injury area might loosen up some of the frozen muscles and tendons and help me increase my range of motion by a few degrees.

I am so glad I did! The team is so passionate about what they do–all the coaches are diligent about understanding my situation and working within my abilities. I have no doubt that the movement required to do some of the bodywork has increased the strength in my arm, and I am much more flexible in general. Everyone I’ve worked with has been so generous in passing along knowledge and tips for self-help, and Kim, my primary coach, even took the time to introduce me to a new, virtual PT clinic designed for people with injuries like mine. Without her, I would never have added another valuable asset to my health routine–and guess what, my range of motion HAS improved!

I would like to add that I am so grateful to Kim for her generosity and knowledge. I came to Renew for a shoulder problem, but she has taught me how it actually impacts the rest of my body, not just my arm, and in addition, she explained how my desk job was adding to the pain and fatigue in my upper body. She has given me tips and exercises to offset impacts from my job, and in our weekly sessions concentrates on other problem areas than just my shoulder, to the point that my back and arm pain has almost vanished! THANK YOU, Kim, Ashley, and the team!”

~ Susie