“My goal is to lead thoughtful and thorough appointments that help you feel more embodied, present, and comfortable in your skin.”

Alex has been an avid yoga practitioner and teacher since 2006. Along the way during her massage therapy education, she accidentally discovered Thai Massage (she thought she had signed up for Sports Massage) and has developed a love for floor-based healing modalities that allowed her to use her bodyweight and feet

Hobbies: Karaoke, Yoga, natural medicine/healing, Ayurveda, information bingeing, listening to too many podcasts for her own good.

Favorite Ailments to Treat: The entire back, chest, legs.

A Little Something About Me: I regularly make a podcast under an alias that no one knows about except for people who have never met me in real life.

Favorite Music: I love anything without words- instrumental jams light up my soul.

Offered Session(s): Fix&Go