“My goal is to find exactly what causes your pain so I can help you where other forms of treatment and doctor’s visits can’t. I look forward to using my skills to help fitness lovers be the best possible athlete they can be… because anyone with a healthy, functioning body can be an athlete.”

Janae is a Renew Movement™ Level 2 Coach. Janae is a certified personal trainer and also works as a physical therapy aide. She received her B.S. in Biology from the University of California, Santa Barbara with an emphasis in Exercise and Sports Studies. At UCSB she received certifications in Health & Wellness and Personal Training. She has a medical-based approach to fitness and understands the importance of finding a balance to training stability, endurance, and strength to make up a holistic functional movement system.

Hobbies: Sports (or attempting them at least), hiking, playing ukulele, rock climbing, and drawing. I grew up in California, so if I hadn’t moved out to Colorado you would probably find me at the beach for most of my free time.

Favorite Ailments to Treat: As a 3-time physical therapy patient and also a working PT aide, I have always been interested in post-surgical rehab, particularly involving sports injuries. I find that injuries and surgeries tend to have really compelling stories behind them and I’m always excited to learn more about someone.

A Little Something About Me: I love to travel and have been lucky enough to find a new home in Boulder with an unbeatable view of the Flatirons. I’m still getting used to digging my car out of snow, but I’m doing my best to embrace all the outdoorsy things that colorful Colorado has to offer. Feel free to ask me about my graduation backpacking trip in Europe or my time off the coast of Australia in the Great Barrier Reef!

Favorite Music: My music taste changes pretty much everyday. If you asked me in high school, it would hands down be hip hop. If you asked me freshman year of college I would say EDM and anything that plays at a music festival. Now, to my surprise, I’ve been listening to a lot of country. But you can never go wrong with some classic rock like Queen or Jimi Hendrix.

Offers Session(s): Flow and Fix & Go