“I believe everyone’s experience of pain is different and everyone’s body is unique. I look forward to working with each client to identify their unique dysfunctions, learn their goals, and locate the areas of tissue that best help to alleviate their pain/tightness.”

Kim is a Renew Movement™ Level 3 Coach. Kim has a B.S. in Exercise Science from Iowa State University and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Iowa. She spent the majority of her professional career working as a Physical Therapist in a small village in Switzerland. In addition to being a Physical Therapist, Kim also worked as a personal trainer, led group fitness classes and helped manage a corporate wellness program.

Hobbies: I am a lover of all types of endurance sports: trail running, triathlons, gravel biking, and cross-country skiing, to name a few. I also enjoy hiking with my family, traveling and drinking red wine!

Favorite Ailments to Treat: I enjoy treating all types of overuse injuries in athletes, especially endurance athletes. Additionally, I look forward to the challenges of back and hip pain. It is very satisfying to see someone’s quality of life improve by eliminating their chronic pain.

A Little Something About Me: I used to be a water show skier (think Sea World) for about 10 years. This summer I am hoping to complete my first Ultra trail run.

Favorite Music: I enjoy listening to most types of music except for heavy metal.

Offers Session(s): Fix&Go and Evaluation