“Proper movement patterns are curative to the muscular system. My passion lies in the structural asymmetries and dysfunctions that are present with chronic muscular pain. I like getting to the root cause of pain and creating lasting results with this technique.”

Megan is a Level 2 Renew Movement™ Coach. Megan is a certified personal trainer and exercise nutrition specialist. She received her B.S. in Exercise Science, Nutrition and Biology from the University of Northern Colorado specializing largely in prevention and care of sports injuries and corrective exercise.

Hobbies: Snowboarding, hiking, weight-lifting, and cooking. If I wasn’t too old for it, I would totally still be doing gymnastics!

Favorite Ailments to Treat: So far, I love the upper body, and am intrigued at the prospect of working with kids/high-level athletes. I also love aiding people with successfully completing activities of daily living with little to no pain.

A Little Something About Me: I am a chronic sufferer of back pain, largely due to repetitive use and strain from activity and sports. I have found my passion in fitness largely through discovery of pain relief through thoughtful and purposeful movement. I also have Rainman-like memory recall skills for the most random, unnecessary things…

Favorite Music: I will listen to just about anything. I particularly love anything that brings up fun memories or is a blast to sing! I have perfect pitch (in my mind) and love to jam!

Offers Session(s): Fix&Go and Evaluation