“I love exploring complaints or movement dysfunction to find a cause that may not be readily apparent.”

Sarah is a Level 3 Renew Movement™ Coach. Sarah received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Saint Francis University in Pennsylvania in 2014. She has also completed a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, is a Master Reiki Practitioner, and is undergoing certification through the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute. Sarah is drawn to the Renew Movement™ due to its effectiveness addressing fascial restrictions and its ability to both address and prevent injuries.

Hobbies: Running, and hanging out with my labradoodle, Moonshine. I also love to read, knit, paddleboard, and can get into watching any sport imaginable.

Favorite Ailments to Treat: I’ve dealt with chronic back pain for over 10 years, so I am always drawn to both chronic injuries and complaints of nagging back discomfort. But everything is connected!

A Little Something About Me: I can finish a Rubix cube.

Favorite Music: A little bit of everything!

Offers Session(s): Fix&Go, Evaluation

Unfortunately, due to COVID and Sarah’s primary work as a Physical Therapist with a vulnerable population, she is not offering sessions that this time.