“My goal is to work with you to discover the underlying cause of your pain so that we can then work together towards achieving your movement goals and improving function in your day to day life!”

Tessa is a Level 2 Renew Movement™ Coach. Tessa recently graduated from Chapman University magna cum laude with a B.S in Kinesiology and a B.A. in Dance. Since graduating, Tessa recently joined Kim Robards Dance, a professional modern dance company, as an Apprentice for their current season!

Hobbies:Dancing, Pilates, Yoga, Teaching, Going to Fun Concerts, Eating.

Favorite Ailments to Treat: lower body tightness, knee problems, hip problems. I also love to work with athletes who are on their journey to recovery or looking to optimize their performance.

A Little Something About Me: I have been dancing since 3rd grade, I can touch my tongue to my nose, I have a certification in ladder safety.

Favorite Music: Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Atmosphere, Fleetwood Mac.

Offers Session(s): Flow and Fix&Go