At Renew Movement™ we improve a variety of issues that can make day-to-day life difficult. Learn more below about what we can do to help, and schedule a session with us to start feeling better and living your best life.


Do you have heel pain? Are those first few steps in the morning agonizing? Renew Movement™ focuses on the tight muscles, often in the lower/upper leg, that are creating tension in the foot. Renew Movement™ has seen incredible results in relieving plantar fasciitis pain, often times in only a few sessions.


Did you know that your pelvis is like a bowl? A bowl that large muscles groups attach to in various areas? When a large muscle, or muscle group, develops an adhesion, the pelvis is pulled out of alignment and back pain/sciatica can be a symptom.  Renew Movement™ targets the tight muscles, often in the legs that are pulling on the pelvis. Renew Movement™ restores alignment so you can say goodbye to back pain/sciatica.


Did you know that knee pain can be caused from a variety of different issues? Most of which are caused from overuse and incorrect alignment? Renew Movement™ targets the muscles that are pulling the knee out of alignment, and will revive the muscles that have prevented the knees from moving normally.


This is a term often used for repetitive use strain. Tendonitis can happen anywhere in the body. Renew Movement™ targets the overused muscles that are causing the tendons strain, resulting in tendonitis. Opening the belly of a muscle gives the tendon space to recover from inflammation and pain, relieving the symptoms of tendonitis.


Shoulders, hips, legs, ankles… pretty much anywhere on your body can struggle with limited mobility. Renew Movement™ targets deep muscular adhesions that are limiting your movement. Our sessions will release pent up tensions, restore blood flow, and bring hydration into tissue that has been restricted for too long resulting in new, freer movements.


The most common nerve tingling we see is numbing of the hands, especially during sleep. Renew Movement™ will open up the tissue of the arms, shoulders and chest muscles to give space to the nerves that are creating tingling sensations.


New and seasoned runners can suffer from painful shin splints, making even walking a painful and arduous task. Renew Movement™ often finds the culprit to the pain in the muscles of the calf, greatly reducing the strain to the shin muscles, getting you back to running/walking without discomfort.


Do you feel like you can’t reach over your head? Can you no longer put something up on the highest shelf? Tight shoulders can often lead to shoulder impingement and immobility, preventing you from reaching over head. Renew Movement™ unravels the complex shoulder muscles allowing your joint to move freely without that grabbing pain you are experiencing.


Losing your grip while you’re weight lifting? Pull ups becoming a struggle? Is using the mouse on your computer starting to hurt? Renew Movement™ will release the deep muscular tightness that exists in your forearms. Your hands, wrists and grip can’t thank you enough once you release these often bound up and often neglected muscles.


This is a classic repetitive use strain example and it isn’t limited to golfers and tennis players. Renew Movement™ will help remove the stress on the nerves and surrounding tissue that causes more than just pain while you play!


Tight hips can cause more than just back pain. After long periods of sitting the tightness can also limit squat pattern depth, running stride, and even make sitting uncomfortable. Renew Movement™ will open your hips and you’ll feel like you’re walking on air. The movement in your pelvis will feel free and light. Renew Movement™ will make your hips feel brand new, guaranteeing a little more pep in your step.


Do you suffer from tension headaches? Headaches often can stem from structural issues and bad posture in your work space. Renew Movement™ targets the muscles of the chest and neck that are causing those pesky headaches and gets you back to feeling like your energized self.


Have you been in an accident? Your muscles are confused and worried that your neck is in jeopardy! Often the whole upper body can be in shock from the collision. Renew Movement™ can calm your muscles and allows them to communicate with the rest of your body again.


A carpal tunnel diagnosis can often lead to surgery. We’d love to help you avoid going under the knife. Renew Movement™ reduces swelling and decreases pain by working on the muscles that affect the wrist and tendons. Renew Movement™ works to increase hydration and mobility, thus reducing inflammation and pain.

Are you ready to start feeling better? We’re ready to help!