Back Pain Relief | SI Pain Relief


Do you suffer from these symptoms?

  • Low back pain
  • Pain in glutes, hips, and pelvis
  • Pain in groin or inner thigh
  • Pain limited to just one of the SI joints
  • Increased pain when standing up from a sitting position
  • Stiffness or a burning sensation in the pelvis
  • Numbness
  • Weakness
  • Immobility in hip, leg and lower back

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What is Back Pain/SI Pain?

Your pelvis moves like a bowl. It is made up of three large bones (independent of one another).  Multiple large muscle groups attach into the various areas of the pelvis, allowing it to perform multiple complicated movements. When a large muscle, or muscle group develops adhesions (knots), the pelvis and vertebrae will be pulled out of alignment: back pain, joint pain, or SI pain can be a symptom. Renew Movement™ targets the tight muscles, often in the legs that are pulling on the pelvis; it can help to restore alignment to the pelvis. This new balance/alignment allows for more proper stabilization between both sides of the body and better movement of the pelvis. Understanding how we are using our pelvis can better inform us of how we might be displacing or compensating in daily life. 

Schedule a Renew Evaluation Today!

We highly suggest a Renew Evaluation for back pain/SI pain issues. The Coach performing your Evaluation will look at asymmetrical patterns that may be stemming from chronic muscular tightness in the large muscle groups that attach to the pelvis. This chronic tightness is likely pulling the pelvis out of alignment and contributing to, or causing back pain/SI pain. 

** If you have a chronic underlying condition that contributes to your back pain/SI pain please give us a call to discuss if Renew Movement™ is the right fit for you. Renew Movement™ Coaches are not doctors and their advice is not meant to replace that of a medical doctor. Please consult your doctor to make sure you’re cleared for deep tissue/fascial release.


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