Nerve Tingling and Pain Relief


Do you suffer from these symptoms?

  • Numbness in hands, more prevalent when sleeping
  • Nerve tingling and pain in hands and fingers

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Nerve Tingling and Pain

Do you wake up at night with tingling in your hands and arms? It’s possible that your sleeping posture is affecting you at night. The most common nerve tingling we see is numbing of the hands, especially during sleep. Renew Movement™ will open up the tissue of the arms, shoulders and chest muscles to give space to the nerves and arteries that are creating tingling sensations. The muscles that support our standing and sitting posture during the day may have become over-tight. The muscles of your shoulders neck and upper back create a balance that helps us stay upright all day long. Under certain types of stress and repetitive use, these muscles fatigue and compress. The compression created by the tight muscles often causes nerve and circulatory problems. Improving the tension in the upper body, neck and shoulders with Renew Movement™ can help improve posture and reduce the compression on the nerves and arteries that are being affected.

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If your nerve tingling and pain has been a long term, chronic issue, it’s possible your Renew Movement™ Coach will suggest you sign up for a full Renew Evaluation to look for asymmetrical patterns in your movement that may be leading to chronic muscular tightness in your upper body. Let us help improve the mobility in your upper body, getting you back to feeling great!

** If you have a chronic underlying condition that contributes to your nerve tingling and pain please give us a call to discuss if Renew Movement™ is the right fit for you. Renew Movement™ Coaches are not doctors and their advice is not meant to replace that of a medical doctor. Please consult your doctor to make sure you’re cleared for deep tissue bodywork.


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