Shoulder Pain Relief | Shoulder Immobility


Do you suffer from these symptoms?

  • Constant pain in your arm
  • Shoulder pain that gets worse at night
  • Pain that radiates through your shoulder or arm
  • Shoulder or arm weakness
  • Shoulder immobility

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Shoulder Pain and Immobility

Do you struggle to reach over your head? Can you no longer put something up on the highest shelf? Tight shoulders can often lead to shoulder impingement and immobility, preventing you from reaching overhead or doing basic movements. Since we use our shoulders and upper arms for so many movements, having limited mobility and pain can lead to frustration, lack of sleep and additional discomfort/pain in other areas of the upper body. Shoulder immobility can make some exercise movements more challenging which may lead to injury as well.

The shoulder girdle is an amazing group of muscles and nerves that allows for complex movements and postural support. When there is impingement in areas of the shoulder the body often compensates and shuts down motion in other areas to protect the joint from harm. 

Renew Movement™ unravels the complex shoulder muscle tightness. A Renew Movement™ Coach pins the deep muscle adhesions while coaching you through a serious of movements in your upper body. This allows the adhesions (knots) to release from the inside, allowing your joint to move freely and reducing pain.

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If your shoulder pain or immobility has been a long term, chronic issue, it’s possible your Renew Movement™ Coach will suggest you sign up for a full Renew Evaluation to look for asymmetrical patterns in your movement that may be leading to chronic muscular tightness. Don’t let shoulder pain keep you from doing the things you love!

** If you have a chronic underlying condition that contributes to your shoulder pain please give us a call to discuss if Renew Movement™ is the right fit for you. Renew Movement™ Coaches are not doctors and their advice is not meant to replace that of a medical doctor. Please consult your doctor to make sure you’re cleared for deep tissue/fascial release.


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