Tight Hips

Tight hips cause more than back pain. After long periods of sitting, tightness limits squat pattern depth, running stride, and even makes sitting itself uncomfortable. Renew Movement™ opens hips. Feel like you’re “walking on air,” given free and light pelvis movement. Put some pep in your step.


Long periods of sitting
Sleep positioning with one leg bent
Repetitive movement

Tight Hips?

Tight hips can reduce mobility throughout the entire body by pulling on legs, lower back and even shoulders. Your hip complex is a powerful group of muscles and nerves that supports your entire posture when you are sedentary and when you are moving.

Your lower and upper body connect at your hips through intricate fascial fabric and layering, supporting your entire body. 

After long periods of sitting or standing muscle tightness can limit squat pattern depth, running stride, and even make sitting uncomfortable and painful. We often find a link in sitting and/or sleeping posture that contributes to hip pain and tightness. 

When a Renew Movement™ Coach works on (creates more space/movement) your hips, the result is typically instant and you feel like you’re walking on air. You’ll be able to feel the immediate balance as your pelvic posture is more aligned. Renew Movement™ will make your hips feel brand new (or as close as possible), putting a little more pep in your step. 

If your pain is acute (3 months or less), we suggest the Fix & Go Session.
If it’s chronic (4+ months), we suggest the Evaluation + Fix & Go Session.


Covid Precautions: If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness please notify us immediately.

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