Have you been in an accident? Your muscles may feel your neck is in jeopardy. The whole upper body may be frozen in shock from the collision. Renew Movement™ calms muscles and re-integrates bodily communication.


Head, back and neck pain/stiffness/tenderness
Neck pain with movement
Tenderness or pain in the upper back
Headaches starting at the base of the skull
Numbness and pain in arms

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash injury typically stems from an incident where a person’s head is quickly thrown backward then forward. Every accident is different, and every person’s body responds differently to the stress caused by a car accident, a fall, or an aggressive collision on the playing field. Symptoms of whiplash usually develop within a few days of the injury.  

Whiplash is an injury we commonly work with at Renew Movement™. We see clients with patterns of muscular tightness that lead to back and neck pain. Many of these clients have a common history of whiplash; both recent injury and injury from many years ago that is still creating muscle tightness. 

Soon after a whiplash injury the whole body can be in shock from the collision, and the body’s nervous system goes into fight or flight mode. Renew Movement™ helps to calm your muscles and your nervous system, allowing them to communicate properly with the rest of your body again. Renew Movement™ gives attention to the muscles that are trying to protect your neck or back from the damage of an accident. It’s important to help your body release tight muscles and calm down your nervous system.

If your pain is acute (3 months or less), we suggest the Fix & Go Session.
If it’s chronic (3+ months), we suggest the Evaluation + Fix & Go Session.


Covid Precautions: If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness please notify us immediately.

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