“The plantar fasciitis that plagued me and had me limping for a year was gone in 5 sessions and has never returned. The best!!”

Barbara H.


What our customers are saying…

“Renew Movement™ kept my daughter on the field for an entire season of high
school softball and enabled her to complete her season while battling through bicep tendinitis.

Great for all athletes of any caliber, I can’t say enough good things about Renew Movement™! As a former professional athlete myself and now a weekend warrior, they do a fantastic job of keeping us in the game!”


“I had my first appointment and could walk DOWN the stairs one leg at a time!! If you’ve had a knee replacement or torn and replaces knees, you’ll understand. Miraculous!”


“My daughter is 12 and a very competitive athlete in a high impact sport. She went to Renew Movement™ because of a torn hamstring and she was having a lot of pain in her hips during her practices. She was at risk of requiring cortisone shots in her hips, and not being able to compete in her biggest competition of the year, which was a BIG deal to her.

Ashley worked with her about 3 times and taught her things to do on her own. After the first appointment she was able to get through practices easier, and by the 3rd she had significant improvement. Renew Movement™ has helped my daughter make significant progress in her pain and healing, and she will get to compete with her team this weekend in Orlando.

We are so grateful to Ashley for her quick response, her time, dedication, and teaching. She has continued to check in and support my girl throughout the whole process. We simply can’t thank Ashley enough for the help she has provided. We highly recommend Renew Movement™ for not only adults, but kids too!!”


“Deepest squats I’ve ever had today… resulting in a 10lb PR on my squat clean.
I think I was actually too deep on some
of them. Lord knows that’s never happened before in my life!
I think Renew Movement™ is solely responsible for today’s events.”


“As a multisport athlete in 3 highly competitive sports, my 12-year-old son Brayden suffered from debilitating heal pain, mobility and alignment issues. In fact, he moved like an old man. We tried medication, chiropractic and stretching treatments but the issues got worse.

After hearing about Renew Movement™ from a neighbor, Brayden had his first appointment with Kirsten. The results were amazing. After just a few appointments, his pain was gone and mobility was greatly improved. Kirsten treated the source of his pain and mobility issues, greatly improving his performance and ultimately working on prevention vs treating injuries. We could not believe the results. THANK YOU!!!”